Proven Pain Relief

Do you know someone who may question the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care? Then this unique edition of Chiropractic Natural Health will open many eyes to the wealth of scientific evidence that supports what chiropractors have been saying and doing for over 100 years.

Recovering from Sports Injuries

Have you given up golf because of a bad shoulder? Does an old injury keep you from playing your favorite sport? Does back pain stop you from playing your best? Chiropractic can relieve your pain and restore movement-on or off the field.

Go Through Life without Headaches

Car accident? Changing careers? Having another child? Moving into a new home? The real game of life brings its share of pressures. And although we're not promising a stress free life, most headaches that originate in the cervical spine can be successfully relieved with chiropractic care.

Get Relief from Back Pain

Do you suffer from nagging back pain? Are you stiff and sore when you get out of bed each morning? Do you have an old back injury that never fully healed? Is your condition holding you back from doing what you want to do? Even if you don't have back pain today, statistics tell us 80% of the American population will experience back pain at some point in life!

Dr. Dave begins Neurology Program

Dr. Dave recently completed his first module in a very rigorous 3 year post-doctoral program in Clinical Neurology. He will be studying under The Carrick Institute fro Graduate Studies, the same Neurology program Dr. Jane completed and became Board Certified in 2005.

December 2010 Newsletter

Enjoy our first online newsletter for the month of December. Stay tuned for a newsletter monthly with new topics. Let our front desk know if you have a suggestion for a topic for future newsletters. Sign up for a our monthly newsletters and continue to follow us through your e-mail.

You Are Invited on January 29, 2011 For Our Open House

Join Scott Chiropractic Center for our Annual Open House and Patient Appreciation Day on January 29, 2010 from 9AM to 4PM. Enjoy food, fun and fellowship with the community! Call to reserve your appointment today or just come by to say hi!

January 2011 Newsletter

Enjoy our online newsletter for the month of January. We are starting the year off with a bang!

February 2011 Newsletter

February is MASSAGE THERAPY month! Enjoy our articles from the doctors and our massage therapist! Don't forget to call and schedule your appointment!

March 2011 Newsletter

March is your time to get in shape. Receive an initial BIA can for $25 and follow up visit for $20. Also enjoy our free healthy weight loss workship on Tuesday March 22 and learn about healthy weight loss, cleanses, detoxifying and other health products in our office. Don't forget to sign up for our monthly e-mail newsletters to get more information about weight loss and other health topics...

April 2011 Week 1 Newsletter

Watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, congestion? Sounds like allergy season. Learn how chiropractic can help frequent allergy problems.

April 2011 Week 2 Newsletter

Asthma: Get adjusted! Chiropractic reduces the frequency and intensity of asthmatic episodes. Don't get caught out of breath. Give us a call and get your treatment started today.

April 2011 Week 3 Newsletter

Are you suffering from heartburn or reflux? If so, make the healthy choice in addressing your problems.

April 2011 Week 4 Newsletter

There are many treatment options for TMD. Many people visit their dentist first thinking the pain may be an abscessed tooth. Usually that results in a bite guard to prevent grinding of the teeth. But there are other options. Massage therapy is a great treatment for muscle spasms that aggravate the TMJ. And chiropractic aids in reducing adhesions in the joint capsules and restoring proper nerve activity to the joint. Don't suffer the pain of TMD any longer.

May 2011 Newsletter

At Scott Chiropractic, we are regularly asked what type of mattress we recommend. It is an important question considering we spend about 7 hours a day in bed. If you have any questions about proper sleeping habits, let us help you. Sleep well; it is essential to your health.

June 2011 Newsletter

It is time to take charge and make a change, and losing weight is easier than you think. There are really only a few simple things to think about with regards to losing weight. What you eat, how much of that you eat, and how often you eat it.

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