Testimonial From Our Patients:

After receiving treatment at Scott Chiropractic Center, our patients are given the opportunity to share their chiropractic story. The following is a small sample of the many success stories we see each day. Feel free to browse through these. You may find a story that hits close to home because Dr. Scott treats a wide variety of problems and she has patients of many ages.

    • Bob Fisher

      Tune Up

      I am married with 2 kids, I am a professional stuntman, and I have been coming to see Dr. Scott since 1997.

      My problem areas are my upper back and neck, as well as my low back. Having pains and aches is part of the lifestyle I lead and the work that I do. I can not let discomfort or pain keep me from being safe or doing what is required by the film or show I am on. Having Dr. Scott adjust me and keep me tuned up is part of that lifestyle and work. Like keeping a car tuned tuned and running well, I am required to do the same if I am to function properly.

      I first came to Dr. Scott in 1997 when I was doing live action shows at Six Flags Over Georgia, and was in considerable discomfort, having spent several years running, falling and crashing on hard surfaces like concrete and steel. After getting my spine in order, I was put on maintenance and have tried to maintain this since then. There re times however, that I have gone long periods between adjustments, and have not taken care as I needed to. Even with these periods in between, I always get relief and feel great with just a few visits to get "tuned up".

      As a result of seeing Dr. Scott, I am in great shape, and pain free, and am able to keep doing what I love! I have dedicated my life to learning how to be a stuntman and have never had any serious injuries (bumps and bruises), and hope to be able to do what I love as a stunt coordinator well into the future.

      As a stunt professional, people on set look to us for safety, and as an example of being in good shape, and capable at handleing any situation as it arises. These things are paramount in the film business, and thanks to Dr. Scott and her great staff, I am in good physicle condition, and am aware of when my body needs a "tune up".

    • Sachi Koto
      CNN News Anchor

      Chronic Neck and Back Pain

      "I was in two car accidents about twenty-three years ago and suffered severe whiplash in my neck from both crashes. I was encouraged to have neck surgery after both accidents but declined.

      So, by my choice, I decided I would have to live with the pain, headaches, fatigue and poor posture. Because of my job, I am forced to sit in certain positions for several hours at a time, that leaves me in a lot of pain and with pounding headaches. I would have to take over the counter pain medication three or four times a week for headaches and stress in my neck.

      In the past couple of years, I have had increased lower back pain. Often at night, I would toss and turn because of back pain, waking up nearly every hour. Even purchasing a very expensive mattress was no solution to the pain.

      Finding Dr. Scott has been such a blessing. For the first time in twenty-three years, I am not just coping with the pain. I have experienced a significant difference in the way I sleep. I don't toss and turn anymore because of the lower back pain. Dr. Scott has not only treated me, but also taught me exercises to strengthen my lower back. I have not taken any pain medication since the first week of treatment. My posture is considerably better, and I feel like I stand and walk in a more erect fashion. Living without pain is incredible.

      My suggestion to fellow sufferers is to follow the treatment plan Dr. Scott issues and incorporate the neck and back exercises she recommends into your daily regimen. I only wish I had discovered Dr. Scott years ago!"

    • Oswald Drawdy
      Professional Golfer

      Upper Back and Shoulder

      "I have had treatment at Clemson University, as well as the PGA tour fitness trailer. These people offer the highest level of care. I believe I received this level of care from Dr. Scott. Plus, they are all such an upbeat group; just walking in the door makes me feel better."

    • Richard Maender
      Writer/Marathon Runner

      Upper Back and Shoulder

      "I have two fused vertebra, which caused back pain during my marathon training, in addition to job stress causing frequent neck problems.
      The results I received at Dr. Scott's office were phenomenal! No Chiropractor has ever helped me as much. With Dr. Scott's spinal adjustments, flexion therapy and that wonderful muscle stimulation machine, I was able to train for (and run) last years Thanksgiving marathon virtually pain free. No low back problems, no neck problems, no knee problems. Never had I experienced such positive response to chiropractic care. I can't imagine professional athletes receiving better care. Anyone who exercises constantly, or plays sports, could benefit greatly from Dr Scott's very sophisticated treatments.
      If my experiences are any example, it not only helps you train, pain and injury free, but also improves your performance. What more could you possibly ask for? Thank You, Dr. Scott!!!"

    • Lynn Harvey Brown


      "For years I had severe to moderate headaches. About five moderate headaches a week and one severe headache every other week… so severe that often times caused vomiting and an occasional trip to the emergency room. Doctors prescribed many drugs but did not eliminate the problem. Also, I feared the amount of drugs I was taking.
      I started seeing Dr. Scott, and after my third visit I went in with a headache and within an hour after my adjustment my headache was gone. After the third week of adjustments I went the whole week without any kind of headache what so ever, a real landmark for me, considering the amount of headaches I suffered in an average week. Chiropractic was a last resort for me. I was about to check myself into a headache clinic upon the request of family and friends. I was very happy to find such a simple answer to such a prolonged problem. Praise the Lord! And Thanks Dr. Scott!!!"

    • Cheryl Bharath
      Real Estate Broker

      Neck Pain

      "I had muscle ache and pain in the neck and back for years. It was difficult to drive and perform my daily real estate duties. I tried physical therapy and medical doctors. They recommended I have surgery and cortisone injections, but I refused.
      Since seeing Dr. Scott I have greatly improved in a very short period of time. Dr. Scott's treatment and exercise program are very effective. My headaches and throbbing neck and shoulder pain have healed and I can drive my car and show homes for hours, and not be in pain. I have referred my husband and daughter, and they are improving quickly! I most enjoy my visits because of the warm atmosphere of her office and the friendly staff. Everyone, especially Dr. Scott, is always very congenial, courteous and caring. I have told many friends and relatives about this wonderful office."

    • Kim Wall

      Neck Pain

      "Dr. Jane Scott has helped me with my two neck injuries more than I can say. Acting and modeling can cause a girl to be tossed around and thunked in the head by a backdrop. Dr. Scott was there for me both times to help me through the pain and straighten me up. Sometimes, I neglect my body or overwhelm it by excessive travel. Dr. Scott knows how to put me back together again. Dr. Scott and her staff are always so warm and friendly. They are helpful, accommodating, and patient, even with me! Trust me, I can be a handful. I don't know how I would have gotten through my neck injuries without her. Dr. Jane helps me stay healthy and productive. Ya can't get a lot done when ya sit around complaining about having a pain in the neck. Dr. Scott's adjustments, and therapy, and advice help me live a happy and healthy life! Thank You, Dr. Jane Scott!!!!!!"

    • Don Swords
      Union Representative

      Post Surgery

      "On October 23, 1999, I had a fall of twenty feet from a deer stand, landing flat on my back. I was numb from my waist down, and in severe pain from my neck to my waist. I had life flight from Newton County Hospital to Shepard's Spinal center. After a CT scan, it was determined that I had a spinal injury at T11 and T12. Surgery was performed at Shepard's Spinal Center, inserting fourteen-inch rods to stabilize my spine. I spent sixty-eight days in the hospital and six long months of rehabilitation at Shepard's and at home.
      On the approval of my Doctor and Physical therapist I started seeing Dr. Scott to control the pain. Her gentle technique and wonderful therapy gave me relief. By the grace of the good Lord and with the combination of daily exercise, bi-weekly visits to Dr. Scott, and a weekly massage from Karla, I was able to go back to work May 1, 2000. I still have bad days along with good days, but the good days are becoming more frequent! Thank You, Dr. Scott!"

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